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Straight Up Chicago Investor

Apr 27, 2023

Roger starts by discussing how he found a niche in New Construction and jumps into lessons learned throughout the years. Leaning on his decades of investing experience, he’s able to provide insight on red flags leading up to the last housing crash and discuss the emergence of north side neighborhoods like...

Apr 25, 2023

What is the future of rent control in Illinois and what are the implications based on rent control from other cities?

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Guest: Mike Baker & Mike Hagensen | New Era Chicago | NBOAChicago

Link: Why Rent Control...

Apr 20, 2023

Ignacio Gonzalez joins us to explain everything you need to know about the neighborhood he was born and raised in, and currently invests in; Back of the Yards!

Ignacio jumps right in by explaining how he started investing in the neighborhood and defines its geographical borders. He shares lessons learned from his first...

Apr 13, 2023

Interested in investing near a Chicagoland University to provide student housing?! Harrison Cohen joins us to share how he’s built his portfolio using this model!

Harrison explains why he decided to focus on student housing and the nuances of student housing near different universities, including University of...

Apr 11, 2023

What should I expect when I hire a contractor for my first remodel?

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Guest: Matthew Nosal, NEGC Remodeling


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