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Straight Up Chicago Investor

Jul 27, 2023


  • Meet Alan Goldberg, a titan in the Chicago real estate scene, with a career spanning decades.

  • Alan's journey began in the late 70s when he made his very first deal in the world of real estate.

Prospecting and Generating Business:

  • Alan sheds light on his early days and discusses the importance of...

Jul 20, 2023

Jerry Ettinger of Ettinger Realty joins us to share jewels of wisdom accumulated over roughly 50 years in the real estate industry!

Jerry kicks off with how he transitioned from being a teacher to real estate agent back in the 70s! He talks about Rogers Park and other North Side Neighborhoods and how they have...

Jul 18, 2023

What proactive maintenance should I be doing to my building?

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Guests: Les O'Hara, North Shore Brickwork 

Sponsors: North Shore Brickwork 


Production House: Flint Stone Media


Jul 12, 2023

Drew McCluskey is an active real estate investor, previous intern of BiggerPockets’ Brandon Turner, and Co-Founder of BrightInvestor; a data visualization software helping investors streamline market research!

Drew leads off with a horror story on his first deal; a rehab on a 4-unit building! He jumps into how he...

Jul 6, 2023

Ivan and Jackie Hernandez discuss their journey from a  thriving roofing business to a real estate portfolio on Chicago’s Southwest side!

Ivan and Jackie lead off with their start in the entrepreneurial realm and how they started their roofing business. They discuss starting their real estate investing in Englewood...