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Straight Up Chicago Investor

Jul 18, 2024

Tony Arce and his Team at The Face of Community & Business provide a media platform for leaders in business to connect, teach, and grow together.

Tony starts by sharing how he discovered his passion for media and creating human-to-human connections not only in his personal life but in business. He explains how this...

Jul 11, 2024

Alex Filin is a seasoned Loan Office, Coach, and Investor with over $385 Million in funded loans!

Alex shares his upbringing as an immigrant in America, experiences that cultivated grit, and his journey to becoming a D1 football player! He discusses his successful career shift to mortgage lending where he closed $95...

Jul 4, 2024

The tables turn this week as Mark Ainley gets interviewed by Tom Shallcross, returning the favor from Episode 235 (episode link in show notes)!

Tom starts by asking Mark about his childhood and upbringing; spoiler alert - there is mention of Mark’s frosted-tips phase while vacationing in Mexico!! Mark breaks down his...