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Straight Up Chicago Investor

Jun 20, 2024

Want to hear an inspirational story about two teachers leaving their W2 and amassing over 20 rental units over a few short years? If so, then this show is for you!

Blaine and Lily talk about their decision to leave their jobs as educators to become full-time real estate agents and investors! They discuss specific suburb markets that they target along with pros and cons of the BRRRR strategy. Lily and Blaine share their vast experience with short-term rentals and dive deep on top considerations to set yourself up for success. Through the show, the duo provides repeated examples of how they just took action and let experience be the best teacher and largely attribute their success to that!

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Guests: Blaine and Lily Kosek, The Blaine Kosek Team

Link: Krush It With The Koseks (TikTok)

Link: Rich Dad Poor Dad (Book Recommendation)

Link: Atomic Habits (Book Recommendation)


Guest Questions

02:11 Housing Provider Tip - Perform preventative maintenance on gutters and downspouts to be prepared for rain season!

03:58 Intro to our guests, Lily and Blaine Kosek!

05:32 Leaving teaching to pursue real estate!

19:27 The Kosek Meetup Group!

24:16 The Pitfalls of the BRRRR strategy.

29:32 Opportunity in DeKalb.

35:10 Ins and outs of short term rentals!

43:45 Considerations for lake-front AirBNBs.

50:50 Best suburbs for short term rentals.

60:20 The Future of the Koseks!

62:52 What is your competitive advantage?

64:06 One piece of advice for new investors.

66:00 What do you do for fun?

66:21 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend? 

67:12 Local Network Recommendation? 

67:48 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?


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