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Straight Up Chicago Investor

Nov 12, 2020

With the right mindset, anything can be achieved. Shantanu Kamra is living proof, having moved to the US 8 years ago and Chicagoland just about 2 years ago, he’s been able to scale his portfolio in the western suburbs to over 40 units. In today’s episode he talks about househacking, BRRRR strategy execution, and scaling into larger buildings. He also gives advice on why coaching has worked for him while so many others do nothing with the information from a mentor. Shantanu breaks down certain suburbs like Bellwood, Franklin Park and Maywood and dives into the concept of pocket investing. Also, to get a free white paper on "Advantages of Private Lending for Multi-family Deals", email Shan at His cellphone is: (847) 644-0262.

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Sponsor: John Warren

Guest: Shantanu Kamra of Homesmart

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Guest Questions

Landlord Tip of the Day 3:18

Guest Intro 5:30

When did you decide to get into real estate? 7:05

What was the backstory behind the first house hack? 8:00

How did you decide on Elmwood park for your househack? 9:15

What was the next step after the first house hack? 10:30

How did you allocate time to identify properties that had signs of distress? 14:50

How much time would you spend nurturing prospects after you’ve had your first conversation? 16:00

How did you finance your deals? 19:07

When did you get involved in the MFH that are larger than 4 units? 22:50

What are some experiences you learned from your first 6 unit building? 24:10

What are some of the things you like about Bellwood and Northlake? 26:30

How do you maintain discipline when looking at investments? 32:20

How do you run your numbers and get to your cashflow number? 35:00

Why did you get involved in coaching programs and why did you succeed when so many failed? 36:25

Wrap Up Questions

What is your competitive advantage? 38:00

What is one piece of advice you’d give a new investor? 38:50

What do you do for fun? 40:45

What’s a good self development activity you’d recommend? 41:10

Who is one person in your local network you’d recommend as a resource? 41:46

How can we learn more about you? 42:20


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